350-31 Air Group 2 USS Hornet CV-121944

350-31 Air Group 2 USS Hornet CV-121944
Item# 350-31

Product Description

Designed for the Trumpeter 1/350 Essex class Carrier kit. Set features markings for Air Group Two from June thru October 1944 aboard the CV-12 USS Hornet.

Markings for 36 F6F-3 Hellcats, 4 F6F-3N Hellcats, 19 TBM Avengers, and 33 SB2C Helldivers included.

Set also provides the Scoreboard from the Hornet's Island during this time, Warning Billboards for the Island and Hanger deck, and the Final Tally Scoreboard for CV-12 from WWII.

Color placement and painting guide for the aircraft included.