350-30 CVW-9 1968 USS Enterprise

350-30 CVW-9 1968 USS Enterprise
Item# 350-30
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Product Description

This 4 sheet set covers Air Wing 9 from 1968 as it flew from the deck of the USS Enterprise in support of the Vietnam war. The set provides 90% of the aircraft used by CVW-9 to include F-4B Phantoms, A-6A Intruders, A-4E and A-4F Skyhawks, KA-3B & EKA-3B Skywarriors, RA-5C Vigilanties, E-2A Hawkeyes,and UH-2C Seasprites.

Available seperatly, the add on set for the complete air wing including the C-1 Trader COD.

Full color placement and painting guide included.