350-33 USN Generic Air Group Markings 1944

350-33 USN Generic Air Group Markings 1944
Item# 350-33

Product Description

Designed for use with any 1/350 scale aircraft.

Set provides Aircraft Insignia and numbers in white for around 90 aircraft , a complete US Navy Air Group from the 1944 time frame. Insignia sized for SBD Dauntless and SB2C Helldiver Dive Bombers, F4U Corsair and F6F Hellcat Fighters, and TBM Avenger Torpedo Bombers included. Numbers in 24", 18" and 12" size in white and 12" in black are also provided.

This set can be used with thin white decal stripes to mark the Air Groups from the USS Essex, USS Yorktown, USS Bunker Hill, and various Light Carriers.

Full color placement and painting guide included.