400-2 Carrier Air Wing 6 USS Enterprise 1962

400-2 Carrier Air Wing 6 USS Enterprise 1962
Item# 400-2

Product Description

Designed for any of the 1/400 kits of the USS Enterprise currently available and those from the past as well. Combined with 400-3 (CVAN-65 Deck Markings) will go a long ways to making your kit look like a winner! This set contains markings for the aircraft only. Decals included for the following units from CVW-6:

VF-102 Diamondbacks F-4B VF-33 Tarsiers F-8E VAH-7 Peacemakers of the Fleet A-5A VA-64 Black Lancers A-4C VA-76 Fighting Spirts A-4C VA-66 Waldomen A-4C VA-65 Tigers AD-6 VFP-62 Fighting Photos RF-8A VAW-33 Nighthawks AD-5Q VAW-11 Bats E-1B HU-2 Fleet Angels UH-2B

WEM sells AD-6 Skyraiders, E-1B Tracers. (Also available on this web site from time to time) L'Arsenel sells F-8 Crusaders.