72-112 Pre-war Wildcats Part 1

72-112 Pre-war Wildcats Part 1
Item# 72-112

Product Description

Designed for the Hasegawa F4F-4 kit with the Quickboost F4F-3 Wings and Cowl. Markings for 6 differant aircraft. Additional National Insignia will be nessasary for those who want to use all 6 sets. Markings for the following units included are:

2-6 Test flight aircraft(Natural Metal with Willow Green Tail) ; 41-F-7 VF-41(Yellow wings) ; VF-5 (light gray overall), VF-71 (Light Gray Overall); VF-3 (Blue-Gray/Lt. Gray), and VF-72 (Blue-Gray/Lt. Gray).

Don't forget to order the Quickboost Wings & Cowl available elsewhere on the site.