72-140 F11C-2/BFC-2 Comprehensive Markings

72-140 F11C-2/BFC-2 Comprehensive Markings
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Designed for the Monogram F11C-2 and the Starfighter Decals BFC-2 kits.

Decals for all airframes produced for the USN can be made from this set.

Markings include: Bu.No. in black and white; Fighter and Bomber Designators in Black and White; Markings for VF-1B/VB-2B/VB-3 and VB-6; "C" Communication Awards; Gunnery Pennants; Both style of Wing Top Chevrons with separate Black and White borders; Fuselage Section Leader Bands with separate Black and White borders; Two styles of "U.S. NAVY"; Fuselage and Wing Top Codes; National Insignia for 6 aircraft.

Color placement guide for known photographed Airframes and a list of known assigned aircraft provided.