SFD-07 Class 1 Starship Collection

SFD-07 Class 1 Starship Collection
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Set contains 5 1/3788 scale plastic model kits with color instructions, assembly guides, and decals.

Back in the late 1970's Lou Zocchi had these fine jewels tooled for his game STAR FLEET BATTLE MANUAL. These set the standard for Starship gaming miniatures for the following decades. They also made fine scale model kits. Somewhat hard to find unless you wanted to pay premium prices thru a 3rd party, now you can buy these great little ships based on the drawings from the Starfleet Technical Manual (Copyright 1975 Franz Joseph Designs) complete with silk-screened decals to get the most out of them.

Each set comes with the Class 1 Dreadnought, Heavy Cruiser, Destroyer, Scout, and Transport/Tug with two pods, 3 pages of assembly, painting and decal placement guides, A sheet of decals, and stands for all the ships.