72-137 USN at Coral Sea May 1942

72-137  USN at Coral Sea May 1942
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The third release of themed sheets focuses on the U.S. Naval Aviation at the battle of the Coral Sea. Markings for three aircraft types are featured from both US Carriers that participated in the battle. They include:

Two F4F-3s from VF-42 aboard the Yorktown

One F4F-3 from VF-2 aboard the Lexington

Three SBD-3 from VS-2 aboard the Lexington

One SBD-3 from VS-5 aboard the Yorktown

and one each TBD-1 from VT-2 and VT-5

As a bonus, the markings for the SBD-3 photographed after the battle re-painted to promote the exploits of Ens. Lippa and Radioman Liska.

Markings are provided for 1 complete aircraft of each type. Color placement guide with information about each aircraft and builders notes included.