540-100 Essex Class CVS Markings for Revell

540-100 Essex Class CVS Markings for Revell
Item# 540-100
Silkscreen National Insignia decals for Aircraft: 

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Set contains 2 decal sheets designed to fit the Revell reissue of their Box Scale Angled Deck Essex Carrier.

Set contains decals for one ship and ship specific markings for either the USS Essex, USS Yorktown, USS Hornet, USS Randolph, USS Wasp, or USS Bennington. Markings to include the Landing Stripes, elevator markings, Island markings, Helicopter Landing Targets, Armament Elevators, JBDs, and so much more. Markings are specific for the CVS versions, but may be adaptable for other ships from this class.

Color placement guide for the listed ships included.