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Starfighter Decals Show schedule for 2018:

CSM 2018 Cincinnati, OH Oct. 20

September Product Update

Two new decals have arrived. 4814 and 72-159 F4F Wildcats at Midway. Set covers 5 Carrier Based F4F-4 Wildcats and 2 USMC F4F-3 Wildcats. See the listing for the pilots covered.

August Product Update

72-158 PT-13/PT-17/N2S-3/5 Kaydet decals have arrived. Enough markings are provided for 4 aircraft. Designed for use with the classic Revell PT-13 or N2S-5 kit issued since the late 1960's.

7222 PT-13/17/N2S Cockpit set has arrived

I will have another run of MM-43 Ki 61 cockpit set made due to customer demand.