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Starfighter Decals Show schedule for 2019:

Penncon 2019 Gettysburg, PA Sept.21

CSM Contest and Swap Meet, Cincinnati, OH Oct.19

TAMS Model Car & Swap Meet Norfolk, VA Nov.2*

Allentown PA Model & Slot Car Swap Meet Nov.9*

Middle TN 2019 ModelCon Murfreesboro, TN Nov 23*

Allentown PA Toy Show Dec.14*

2020 Schedule

Rosco Turner Swap Meet and Contest, Indianapolis, IN Mar.7*

WrightCon 2020 Fairborn, OH Apr 3-4

Noreastcon 49 Bativa,Ny May 1-2 *

2020 IPMS/USA Convention San Marco, TX Jul.29-Aug 1

IPMS R2 Convention Salem, VA Oct 16-17

*Subject to change

July Update

More Etzel Speed Classic/ American Racing Miniatures decals now available. These are the left-overs and overstocks. Some are re-prints, most are old stock printed 20-30 years ago. When they are gone, they are gone. Limited numbers are offered at a time.

The second B-17 set is now available. 72-161 covers B-17C/D's I chose 6 different aircraft, 2 Natural Metal birds, 3 OD over Neutral Gray, and a Hawaiian Depot Camouflage scheme. One is from Peal Harbor attack, 2 from the Philippines, another from Australia, and the Hawaiian bird.

June/July Update

4813 is the latest release. This replaces 4808 SBD-3 set released a few years ago that sold out quickly. This set has those markings plus 3 more: two aircraft from Air Group Two in action during the Coral Sea Battle and another Air Group Six dive bomber that scored hits on IJN CVs and CA at Midway. I also updated the colors to match the Insignia Blue more closely.

350-22-S, 350-100s, and 350-110s are all back in stock!

I will be adding over the next few weeks: more of the American Racing Miniatures / Etzel Sped Classics Decal sheets (Many never available separately); The Last Detail 1/24 1/25 detailing decals for US Muscle cars (now out of Australia) after a decade of being hard to find; and the Detail and Scale line of Books. I have been offering them at shows for a few months. I now have a enough to offer on-line.

Etzel Speed Classic Sponsor sets are now available! Two different sets of decals covering 1950's and 60's era sponsor markings. The artwork was re-created by myself and printed by Cartograf for American Racing Miniatures. I now offer these sheets for as long as they last. More former A.R.M. decals coming in the future!