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Starfighter Decals Show schedule for 2019:

IPMS Gamecocks Convention Columbia, SC June 21-22

IPMS National Convention Chattanooga, TN Aug 7-10

Penncon 2019 Gettysburg, PA Sept.21

CSM Contest and Swap Meet, Cincinnati, OH Oct.19*

June Update

2403 has arrived! The third in a series of Classic Race Car decal sets. This set covers the other 4 GT40MkII from the 1967 Daytona 24 hour race.

Etzel Speed Classic Sponsor sets are now available! Two different sets of decals covering 1950's and 60's era sponsor markings. The artwork was re-created by myself and printed by Cartograf for American Racing Miniatures. I now offer these sheets for as long as they last. More former A.R.M. decals coming in the future!

April Update

The first of 3 planned B-17 B/C/D/E sheets has landed! 72-160 covers the B-17B that saw limited use. It wasn't really a combat ready model, many were refitted and updated as they saw service in the USAAC. Only one ever saw combat (Officially anyway) and that aircraft is included, along with the Wright Field B-17B that saw many changes over it's career, and a line bird from March Field that is well documented in photos (with a little help in colors from a color photo of a squadron mate)