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NOTICE: Most of the "print on demand" sets are no longer available. Supply disruptions out of Hong Kong have eliminated my supply. This includes most of the 1/350, 1/400, 1/480, 1/500, 1/540, 1/600, 1/700 and 1/144 sheets.

If you have trouble placing an order please send an e-mail so I can send you an Invoice you can pay via PayPal, check, or postal money order. Make sure you include what you want, how many, and most important, your mailing address!

Starfighter Decals Show schedule for 2020-21:

Greater Lehigh Valley Slot and Toy Car Show, Allentown, PA Nov 7

WrightCon 2020 Fairborn, OH 2-3 Apr 2021

Noreastcon 49 Bativa, NY May 21-22 2021

IPMS R2 Convention Salem, VA postponed to June 18-19, 2021

IPMS/USA National Convention, Las Vegas, NV Aug 18-21 2021

*Subject to change

Starting immediately, I have to collect Sales Tax if you live inside the USA.

October 2020

3 new decal sheets have arrived!

2407 Italian Stallions: 275P. For the classic Monogram kit from the 1960's, re-issued periodically over the years. Decals for 3 complete cars from 7 options. One of the dominate cars from the International Sport Car series from that famous Prancing Horse stables. Markings for the 1964 Sebring and LeMans winners and Mario Andretti's first sports car drive.

350-113s VAW-112 assigned to CVW-8 from 1979-80. Markings for 2 complete aircraft from 4 options. Replaces the "Print on demand" set.

700-111 CVN/CVAN-65 USS Enterprise 1964-2001. For the Revell 1/720 kit. Replaces 700-101. Set is not a re-print as there are less options than the previous sheet. No Hangar deck markings.

August 2020 Update

7223 R18320G Resin Engine. Single row radial engine. Used by many aircraft late in WWII, both by the USAF and USN.

72-164 USAAC B-10s are now in stock. Designed for the Williams B-10 and the upcoming FROOM B-10B, set provides 12 sets of unique markings and enough common for 2 complete aircraft.

4817 USMC Buffaloes and Wildcats at Midway. Markings for the Defenders of Midway. 3 F2A's and 4 F4F-3s Some Wildcats are duplicates from 4813.

4813 has also restocked, finally.

June 2020 Update

72-163 has arrived. Designed for the Airfix B-25B/C/D kits. Markings for 8 aircraft from the Pacific plus and ASW scheme B-25B out of Dover Field, DE.

3 more automotive sets to cover more of the 1960's era of motor racing. 2406 Covers the 2D version of the Texas Roadrunners that raced in the USA. 3002 covers many of the early TX. Roadrunners for the 1/32 builders. 3003 provides markings for some Italian Stallions, 250P flavor, from the mid 1960's for old Monogram kits and slot cars builders. You have to come up with your own S.F. markings.