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Starfighter Decals Show schedule for 2020:

IPMS Chattanooga Chattanooga, TN Jan 10-11*

Allentown Slot Car and Toy Show Feb 8*

Old Dominion Open, Richmond, VA Feb 29

Rosco Turner Swap Meet and Contest, Indianapolis, IN Mar.7

WrightCon 2020 Fairborn, OH Apr 3-4

Noreastcon 49 Bativa, NY May 1-2 *

2020 IPMS/USA Convention San Marco, TX Jul.29-Aug 1

IPMS R2 Convention Salem, VA Oct 16-17

*Subject to change

Starting immediately, I have to collect Sales Tax if you live inside the USA.

November Update

4815 is the newest decal sheet to arrive. This is the 1/48 scale version of 72-154 Operation Leader, the last combat operation of the USS Ranger in the North Atlantic in 1943. Set covers three aircraft: F4F-4; SBD-5; and TBF-1 in the Tri-color scheme with Red Surround Insignia.

October Update

Found!I have about 75 sheets of AD4801B on hand thanks to a discovery during inventory. They are now listed and available again.

540-103 and 104 have arrived. These two sheets are the latest on modern printed decals for the much beloved "Box Scale" kits of yesteryear. These two sets cover the lifespan of the Forrestal Class CVAs. I couldn't cover every one of the markings as many were short lived and experimental. Now you can have new and fresh decals for those old kits in your stash.

September Update

The long anticipated B-17E sheet: Fortress of the Sky Part 3 is in stock and awaiting your order. 72-162 has markings for 8 different B-17E with and without the Remote turrent. Markings for the an all Blue B-17E, 2 in OD over Gray, 4 Hawaiian Depot Cammo, and one in the British Temperate Sea scheme are included. Two of the ships served at Midway, another at Pearl Harbor and another from the Philippines. This sheet is the result in 5 years of research and help from many friends.

Also in are the Texas Roadrunner sheets. One is for the 2A cars that ran USRRC and other Sports Car series and the other is for the 2E, the Can Am Warrior from 66.

Finally, the correction sheet is in for AD7203. LMK if you need one. Please provide the order number so I can get it out without delay