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NO PHONE CALLS! I DO NOT ANSWER THE PHONE FOR UNKNOWN, UNLISTED, or BLOCKED NUMBERS. I DO NOT RETURN UNSOLICITED PHONE CALLS! If your number is not in my contact list, it goes to voice mail automatically and usually deleted without being heard. E-mail for correspondence, questions, or inquiries.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions put in place by local governments, I cannot ship any orders to NZ until further notice. Every order to these locations are being returned by the USPS.

Starting July 1, 2021 orders to the EU and UK will be required to collect VAT. I will not be responsible for collecting this. You will pay this when the shipment arrives. If you do not provide a phone number or a correct e-mail address the package may be refused by your country's Customs agency. If your package is returned, it is up to you the customer to pay any additional postage if you want a second delivery attempt. .

NOTICE: Most of the "print on demand" sets are no longer available. This includes most of the 1/350, 1/400, 1/480, 1/500, 1/540, 1/600, 1/700 and 1/144 sheets.

If you have trouble placing an order please send an e-mail so I can send you an Invoice you can pay via PayPal, check, or postal money order. Make sure you include what you want, how many, and most important, your mailing address!

Starfighter Decals Show schedule for 2022:

MAMA Show Harve de Grace,MD: May 14

IPMS/USA National Convention Jul 20-23 LaVista, NE

IPMS Roanoke Valley, Salem, VA, Aug 13

IPMS Central PA, Carlisle, PA, Sept 10

*Subject to change

Starting immediately, I have to collect Sales Tax if you live inside the USA.

Free shipping for US customers ordering Decals only. Make sure you choose this shipping option: US Decals only. This offer is good thru 15Jan22.

New decals and re-prints are taking months to be printed. Please be patient as I am only one of several customers they are trying to supply.

May 2002 Update:

Two new decals have arrived: 3203 PT-17 Stearman for the ICM or Roden kits and 4818 Early USN Wildcats for any F4F-3/3A kit. 3202 come with 2 choices of markings complete with stenciling. 4818 has 7 marking choices including a Yellow Wings aircraft.

March 2022 Update:

Screen printed decals now available for the old Monogram and re-issued by Atlantis "Red Barron" Cartoon kit.

Re-prints of Apollo Decals/Old 66 7201B are back in stock. Printed by Microscale this time around. Hopefully all 6 sheets will be in stock by the end of the year.

1/32 slot cars and parts are also being added. I have been selling them for years at races and events, now I will offer them online as both have become rare in my area.