540-36 USS Oriskany CVA-34 w/CVW-19 1969

540-36 USS Oriskany CVA-34 w/CVW-19 1969
Item# 540-36

Product Description

Designed for the Revell Essex class 27C upgrade (Angled deck) Aircraft Carrier Kit. Decals for the ship include:

Flight Deck Numbers Runway markings Foul Lines Island Billboard and Hull Numbers Ship’s Name Elevator outlines and Warning stripes Jet Blast Deflectors Ordnance Elevators Ship’s Boats

Air Wing 19 Contained the following units: VF-191 F-8J, VF-194 F-8J, VFP-63 RF-8G, VA-192 A-4F, VA-195 A-4E, VA-23 A-4F, VAQ-130 EKA-3, HU-1 UH-2C, VAW-111 E-1B

Color Placement guide included