700-49 CVW-14 USS Lincoln CVN-72 2002-03

700-49 CVW-14 USS Lincoln CVN-72 2002-03
Item# 700-49

Product Description

Designed for use with Trumpeter, Skywave, or Fujimi Aircraft sets.

"MIssion Acomplished" was the banner flying on the USS Abraham Linclon when President G.W. Bush arrived on NK500 A.K.A NAVY 1 to thank the crew of CVN-72, CVW-14, and all of the Servicemen that participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom. This set provided the aircraft from CVW-14 including VFA-115 Superbugs.

VF-31 F-14B

VFA-115 F/A-18E

VFA-25 F/A-18C

VFA-113 F/A-18C

VAQ-139 EA-6B

VAW-113 E-2C+

HS-4 SH/HH/MH-60s

VRC-30 C-2A

VS-35 S-3B

Color placeemnt sheet included