72-139 USN at Guadalcanal

72-139 USN at Guadalcanal
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Sheet covers USN Units active in the actions around the invasion and defense of Guadalcanal Island in the late summer of 1942 to the spring of 1943. Aircraft covered are F4F-4 Wildcats, SBD-3 Dauntless, TBF-1 Avengers, and PBY-5A Catalinas.

Aircraft from VF-5, VF-6, VF-10, VF-11, VF-72, VB-6, VB-11, Saratoga CAG, VS-71, VT-8, VT-10, and HQ South Pacific Force included.

Markings for 14 different aircraft and National Insignia for each type of aircraft present.

Color placement and painting guide provided.