72-152 Bent Wing Birds Pt.3 Korean Rescue

72-152 Bent Wing Birds Pt.3 Korean Rescue
Item# 72-152

Product Description

72-152. Set is for any 1/72 F4U-4 Corsair kit.

Sheet includes markings for 2 aircraft.

December 4, 1950, aircraft from VF-32 was providing air support for the US Marines by the Chosin Reservoir. Ens. Jessie Brown crash landed due to ground fire. With the SAR Helicopter 15 min. away, Lt. J.G. Thomas Hunder Jr, landed his Corsair by Ens. Browns' downed aircraft and attempted to remove him from the plane and prevent his capture. Despite his attempts and the crew of the SAR Helicopter, Ens. Brown did not survive. For his efforts, Lt. Hunder was awarded the Medal of Honor and Ens. Brown was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. Ens. Brown was the first USN Officer to lose his life in the Korean Conflict.

Markings for both men's Corsair's are included.