P-26 Overhaul set

P-26 Overhaul set
Item# 7210

Product Description

Designed for the Revell 1/72 P-26 kit.

The Revell P-26 kit, despite it's age and rumors, is still the most accurate P-26 on the market in 1/72. (The Pavla kit is wrong on so many levels starting with the "extended" fuselage). However it's in need of an overhaul. This set address these shortcomings until a better kit shows up on the market.

This set addresses the cockpit, engine, cowl, exhaust, and adds some needed details. It comes with 7206, 7207, and new parts to include the correct exhaust dumps, the early version of the Pitot Tube, Venturi, Oil Cooler, and the later Tail Wheel refitted to all in service Peashooters. Not all parts includes were used on every version, so the customer needs to research to know which parts are needed to build the version desired. I can provide assistance if needed.

Set comes with over 25 resin parts and installation instructions.